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Friday, January 4, 2008

Tales Of Pirates Online

After 4 days vacation with my friends ,.. now i come back! ^^

Okay,,,.. this is one of my favorite mmorpg game... why? okay this is some resume about this game.

Tales of Pirates
is a >free<, 3D developed by the Chinese company MOLI. Tales of Pirates is published by IGG(Internet Gaming Gate), who have also published two other games, Voyage Century Online and Myth War Online. Several versions of the game are available for specific countries or regions such as an older version Pirate King Online.

Once an account is created, players are able to log in to a server and choose a character to begin the game. All characters start at level 1 and initially level up through very simple introductory quests designed to teach about the game. These quests take a few minutes to complete and will give a new player an idea of how to move, control their character and other simple concepts. At level 10 a character can choose a specific class related to the character they chose. A "Phyllis" character can become an Explorer,...........

Hunter or Herbalist, for example.

When a player levels up, they receive 1 point every level but every 10 levels they gain 5 attribute points. Starting at level 60, they will receive 2 attribute point every level.

  • Strength: Increases melee damage for swords, staffs, and daggers. Recommended for: swordsman.
  • Accuracy: Increases accuracy and critical hit rate for all classes. More damage for bows/guns. Recommended for: hunter.
  • Constitution: Increases HP (health points), faster health regeneration, and defense. Recommended for: swordsman, herbalist, explorer.
  • Agility: Increases attack speed and dodge rate. Recommended for: swordsman, hunter.
  • Spirit: Increases SP (spirit points) - magical energy - as well as increasing SP regeneration rate. Recommended for: herbalist, explorer.

In addition to the class-specific skills that characters can use, there are generic "life skills" available for all, such as Woodcutting, Salvage, Mining and Fishing. These skills allow characters to make money and support their ships at sea.

Starting at level 15, a player may purchase a ship with which they may sail on the water (which comprises 90% of the world map). Certain elements of the game can only be accessed by the water including the usage of life skills like fishing and salvaging, as well as access to the three mazes (Forsaken City, Dark Swamp and Demonic World) that make up most of the mid- and high-end game content. (Demonic World does not require a boat)...

- Party
- Guild
- Chat
- Hunt
- Item Mall
- Maze

- Explorer
- Herbalist
- Hunter
- Swordsman

- Champion
- Cleric
- Crusader
- Seal Master

(Variation Advanced)
- Strength/Agility Champion
- Bow Sharpshooter
- Shield Crusader
- Pure Constitution Champion
- Pure Spr Voyager

hmm,... how about it????

1 comment:

maynaze said...

I love pirate games! I am certainly going to try this one.

I also love to play games with my friends