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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This is my 1st online game that i have played... but in indonesian version... okay here some detail....

Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds (Korean:바람의 나라), alternately known as Nexus TK or simply Nexus, is a play to play MMORPG, currently run in the US by Kru Interactive. Nexus began as a U.S. version of the Korean game 바람의 나라 (Baramue Nara, or simply Baram) developed by nexon inc. of Korea, and is loosely based on Korean mythology and on a series of graphic novels by an artist named Kim Jin. Development of Baram began in Korea in 1994 and the game was released in 1996. One year later, it also entered B in the United States, going commercial in 1998. In 2005, the US subsidiary of NEXON changed its name to Kru Interactive and took over running Nexus, Dark Ages, and Shattered Galaxy as an independent company. Most of the employees of the subsidiary were laid off but the management remained the same as it was when the company was a subsidiary of NEXON. ..........

A few features that distinguish Nexus from other MMORPGs are its 2D tile graphics, intense player involvement, a central storyline, and its anime-like style. The highly popular game Linage was based on a fork of the Nexus server software; its developer, Jake Song, was one of the original developers of Baram. Nexon pioneered distributed game servers in 1999 and set a record of 12,263 simultaneous users in a single world.

NexusTK is set in a land similar, geographically, to the Three Kingdom Of Korea. Other lands such as Han and Ilbon, though not present in the game itself, are often referenced. In addition to the three kingdoms, there are nine villages in which a player may live. Three exist for each kingdom, containing houses which players may rent for a fee. Homes may be customized as a player sees fit using "floor plans" offered for homes of different sizes.

here is the story:

Yuri, king of Koguryo, was troubled by uncertainty. For he knew not whether a neighboring despot would feel the hunger for Koguryo's soil. He had a son, though: M'hul. He, indeed, mastered the rulers that had lusted for the territory.

I can remember the blacksmith's shop buzzing with what the now "Great Emperor" M'hul had done. He battled the dragon turtle. He held council with the atavistic seeming Lord of each of the great animals. A seaman had remarked that all the merchants from the other lands had looked in wonder at Koguryo. For Koguryo had become mighty and all of its inhabitants wealthy. Whereso blow the winds, with it the legend follows.

The scruffy-headed man cocked an eyebrow, "Sit down and listen."

"This land that we live upon is the source of all sustenance. From it the creatures live and die. All creatures do so. Harness it, and you'll be on your way to great things."

"If you find yourself in that precarious state of having been beaten and slaughtered by whatever, the legend has not necessarily ended. You may, perhaps, coax one of the old shamans toward the East or West gate. She can see the dead. Beware of her; but if you're a spirit with no means of affecting the world she may remedy that."

Hmm sounds nice eh?.... Okay based on my personal opinion,... this game was the best game that i have played... so many features .. like lots of jobs , getting married,.. hunting , and much more! You can be anything!! (bad / nice person , leader , killer , ANYTHING!) , do anything (nice to society , become a criminal , become a merchant , ANYTHING!) but... be carefull... there is a certain rules that you have to obeyed or... GM will put you in prison ^^

But the best part is WAR! Damn,.. that thing called "WAR" made me addicted to this game... Because when the war is happening,... you and your clan can be killed anywhere anytime anyplace.... so you must be prepared for anything! But beside that... you and your clan can fight till death.. and compete to receive the castle every week.

so.. why i dont play this game anymore??? yupp pay is the answer,... you must pay 9$++ every month ( lvl 40++)... and for me that is a lot of money ...

official website: http://www.nexustk.com


Clan or such...



GenesisCEO said...

very nice post, keep it up, i will back and check your site soon

V-ZERO said...

thx bro! ^^

Anto said...

the true story about how baram got place on american people hearts, wekeke article bagus nih!