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Saturday, December 1, 2007

What?? Another,.. 3d MMORPG! [ING]

Okay,..this was the phenomenon that now happens in the industry of Indonesian Online Gaming ..A great number of publisher publish online game that based on 3d MMORPG,.... please mentioned several game that used this basis: deco, ragnarok, rf, tantra, a Al, Angel love online, and many others.
This phenomenon made me confuse,..... are Indonesian gamers considered more to the picture beside the gameplay it self??
I am one of gamers that really emphasised gameplay, because according to me,.. if the gameplay was good , we will not be bored to play it,... but ,..
Again and again 3d MMORPG!Why?!!
If you notice,.. all game that is based on 3d MMORPG now in fact was all the same, only different fitur and picture,... but basically it just the same....
Here is the fact:

-Hunt: click,.... waiting (with skill , pot, etc.),..... took the items
-Chat: Could not look face to face
-Duel: Click,.... Pot,.... Pot,...Skill,....Lose/win,.. mocking each other!

Not that i dont liked game that based on 3D MMORPG,.. but only i was very BORED,..
According to me if basically only click , click , and click ,,, it just,.. BORED!.....
But thx god there is one publisher that was brave to publish game that was rather strange... that is Ghost online that base on a side scrolling map .. ahh,.. thx GOD!,...

Contoh 3d MMORPG

Contoh bukan 3d MMORPG

Yes i know,.. all that was based on appetite... but i just only making a suggest to publisher of Indonesian online game,...
Don't ever frightened to publish games that had a unique and strange fitur.... because if this happened continued,.. the industry of Indonesian online gaming will become monotonous...

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