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Friday, December 14, 2007

New online game published by PlayOn

Wow,.... now apparently playon wanted to compate all the others Indonesian online game publisher,.. they proof it now after they have marketed the new online game that will be publish soon, it is...

Master Of Fantasy Online

It seems this online game was based on MMORPG with funny character (a kind of TS online).
I think the game was unique enough and could compete with ragnarok (hmm,... i dont know actualy,..???^^)
i have a feeling this game will be just a simple RPG turn base,.. but i dont know if there is any other fitur that they Offered.
,.. as far as i know,.. this is the fact:

-4 Jobs: Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage
-Getting Old: the character became older (the face, the body, wrinkles, ect)
-School: To practice skill ect
-Circle and Proctor: I dont know what this mean,..
-Item mix: STANDART

How about it?????
Wanted to try?,... they said they would release on 2008,.. I hoped it will be good ..
Hehhehe not only RAN online then ,that takes the theme of schooling, now there is Master Of Fantasy Online!


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