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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Fiesta is a free, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, first published by OnSon Soft in Korea, and then by Outspark for the international English market. Like a typical MMORPG , the player's character can adventure across the game's persistent online world, battle monsters, level up and raise stats, complete quests, and party with other players. There are also guilds and guild wars, instanced raid dungeons and item crafting options. The international English version is currently in the open beta stage, and is an ongoing work in progress.

Fiesta uses the same graphics engine as Ragnarok Online, which is intended to create a "cute," anime style look for the game. In this case, the characters are rendered in a 3D manner. Likewise, the monsters and NPCs are depicted in a similar cartoonish style. Currently, Fiesta uses two character models (one male, one female) for each of the four classes. Players are given a specific style of clothing based on their chosen class (Fighter, Cleric, Archer, or Mage) and can choose between three different hair styles and three (very similar) hair colors. There is only one face to select. However, it is expected that future versions will have more options.


The character classes represent only the strictest fantasy RPG archetypes. Each class has three ranks, each one offering a specific path to follow, rather than allowing the player to specialize his or her character. At level 20, players may undertake a quest to promote their character's class to the next rank: Clever Fighter, High Cleric, Hawk Archer, and Wiz Mage respectively. The third rank is achieved by undertaking another quest that is only available once a second rank character has reached level 60..

Hmm,.. how about it?? ^^ wanna try?

Official Website: http://www.outspark.com